Homeschooling Ebook

In my last post  I shared about homeschooling trends.


Now I want to share a great free e-book will help any new homeschooler or anyone who is thinking of homeschooling it is called


Welcome to Homeschooling – A Guide for Families



This ebook is full of all kinds of great thing to help any new homeschooler.  Here is a list of things covered in this ebook.

  1. Learn Your Reasons for Homeschooling
  2. Understand Your Child Academically
  3. Learn the Laws
  4. Learn About Learning
  5. Get Connected
  6. Go Online
  7. Plan Your Year
  8. Plan Your Day
  9. Use the Right Materials at the Right Time… And For the Right Child
  10. Learn the Lingo – A Homeschooling Glossary
  11. Have Fun!
  12. Information on Time4Learning – Online Homeschool Curriculum
  13. – One-on-One Writing Help for Kids
  14. Places to Find Other Great Articles And Resources on Homeschooling


I hope this ebook helps you as much as it has helped me.


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