Hig Pig or Idiom

Ever heard of a Hig Pig or a Hink Pink?

If you have I bet it has not been a while since you have heard of them.  Unless you have kids that are learning about them in school or you are a teacher teaching about them in school.  I know I totally had forgotten about what they where when my son was learning about them in his schooling. Oh what fun they can be.

Here are a few:

A Rude Hooter —— Foul Owl

Over Weight Feline ——- Fat Cat



See those are silly.


Oh and what about idioms, my son had to remind me of what an idiom was* when we first started working with these but once we got started. He and I really had fun with them.  He loves idiom games.
Here are a few examples…

eat like a pig ——- eat to much

mad at a hornet ——— very angry


We have had so much fun on this part of english.  Love when english gives us games to play. I will share some other games another time.



*American idioms and slang are a huge part of American culture. While formal writing or speech does not include as many idioms or slang words, even there these words and phrases can creep in and confuse meaning for those not familiar with them.*




Summer Reading

Summer is coming only a few weeks till most kids are done with school.  We at our house school year round.  But for the average kid they are out for the summer.  When I think of summer I think of pool fun, playing outside, beach and summer reading.  Yes, I said summer reading.  There is just something about finding a good book and a shady place to read.


I love that there is a website that has links to books by homeschoolers . This website has list of books by homeschoolers, interviews with the authors, reviews and so much more.  You can even request books and homeschool book reviews.  What makes this a well rounded site is that covers even picture books not just chapter books.  That makes it even easier for a mom like me who has a preschooler and a middle schooler who is looking for good books for all of my children to read.





Preschool Games

We have talked about how early is to early for your kids to be on the internet.  But what about the computer all together. There are all kinds of programs out there to help our children learn how to use a mouse and learn their way around a computer.  When I was younger, before I had kids of my own I used to work for a company that would go into preschools and teach a computer class to 4 to 5 students at a time.  I would come each week with a full computer, pc, monitor, keyboard, mouse and once a month a printer. The kids would all take turns using the mouse and work on a computer program.  I would teach them the name of all the parts of a computer as we learned the computer program.  Each child would learn turn on the computer and turn the computer off.


This type of program is not used in preschools anymore instead the teacher just has a computer available in the classroom for the children to use.  Most preschoolers have access to a computer at home, with great preschool games to use.


I myself am going to be using homeschooling preschool games. It will be a learning experience for our family, because even though I taught it when I taught preschool years ago I did allow my 11 year old on the computer much when he was a preschooler.  He did not get on the computer much at all till about 2nd grade.

How do your kids share their feelings?

How do kids share their feelings these days?  I know most of you might think by yelling at their parents right? I was thinking more along the lines of  facebook, email, twitter, email and even blogs.  All these places can be real dangers if not monitored by parents and adults. Remember as much as our kids want to think they are adult and think they should be treated like adults they are still kids.


Facebook – is a great place to share the silly things going on in your life or the prayer request for your life.  But I see it also being used as a place to bully.  This is where parents need to step in and well be parents.


Email – Just like passing notes in school but electronically and immediately no waiting with this type of note.


Twitter – like playing that game telephone in elementary school, this too can turn into bulling very quickly.


Blogging – A lot of teens are turning to blogging more and more to share not only their feelings but art work too.  There is a great free blogging course that helps teens and even preteens with setting up a good quality blog there are all kinds of ways to learn the writing process.


How do you see your kids sharing their feelings these days?

Setting Limits – Unplugging Our Kids

We all need help and ideas on how to set limits with our kids and get them unplugged into days world.  Here are some basic ideas that you can take and adjust to your own personal family.


TV –

Only 1 to 3 hours a day depending on your family situation.  This hour a day can be broke down into 15 minute intervals.  I do not recommend you break them down into smaller intervals or your children will find loop holes, another words they will say they only had 5 minutes here and 5 minutes there.  Meaning you have more to keep up with.

TV can only be watched AFTER all school assignments and chores are completed.  If school assignments are not above a C level then TV privileges are lost until that grade level improves.

You the parent reserve the right to add or subtract time from your child’s TV time as you see fit.


Computer – We all need to work on internet safety for kids.


Limit computer time to 1 to 3 hours a day. Set times of the day that the computer my be used.  Say between 9am-11am then 3pm-5pm and 7pm-9pm.  Computer times can only be used if ALL school assignments are completed and chores are completed too.


Unless your homeschool curriculum is online then that time on the computer would be counted as school not computer time.


There are programs out there that you can put on your computer that will only allow your child on the internet at certain times and lengths of time.


Video Games including handheld like DS all fall under the Computer Rules.


Facebook- NO you will not get a Facebook account till you are 13years old.

#1 rule – You may not have any friends that are not FACE TO FACE friends on facebook. Facebook is for your friends not someone else friends that you might have met once.

When posting and liking things on facebook, always ask your self if, “Will I want my Mom, Dad, Granparents or even my pastor to read or know I am liking this.” If the answer is no or I don’t know then DON’T do it.

Mom and Dad (and your pastor if he is on facebook) will ALL be friends with you on facebook to help you keep from being tempted not to follow the above rules.


Cell Phones-

No calls/text after 9pm (after 8pm if your child is under 13)

10pm on weekends (Friday/Saturday).

Again you are only aloud to talk/text people you know FACE TO FACE.
No nick names or code names are allowed in the phone book of your phone. Only real names.

Mom and Dad reserve the right to check your phone/text record on your phone at any time without any notice. We reserve the right to call any number on the phone to confirm that the contact belongs to the person that is listed.

Remember  we pay the bill.

There will be no texting when Mom and Dad or any other adult is talking to you.

No texting at church or school.

There will be NO phone at the dinner table, (for any meal table for that matter)


These are all just ideas that can be used to make a set of rules to unplug your kids. I recommend you create a set of rules and print them out and have your child read them and sign them.  This will give your child some responsibility for what they are or are not doing.


I wanted to share another Mom who posted about this on her blog I’ve Become My Mother. She had some wonderful ideas more detailed and set for her family.