Homeschooling Trends

With school being out, there are a lot of parents who are debating on sending their kids back to school or to homeschool them.  Some are thinking of not sending their children back to school because of the violence but there are others who are leaning toward the homeschooling trend because they feel their child is not getting the education they want their child to have.


There are so many different styles of homeschooling out there.  Here are a few different kinds to name a few…

  1. Text book style (very similar to public school)
  2. Charlotte Mason
  3. Unit Studies
  4. Homeschooling Online
  5. Eclectic – using a little of everything


These are only 5 of MANY types of homeschooling that a parent can choose from.  If you are looking into this homeschooling trend, I recommend you do LOTS of research to find out what kind of style you would like to use.  Remember it is homeschooling not Schooling at home.  Don’t assume your child will thrive if you copy exactly what the public school you just took them out of.  Remember the reason you took them out of school.



Keeping Your Kids Brain Awake During Summer

How do you keep your kids brain’s awake during summer?  I mean really if you stop school in June and do not pick up ANY educational items till August/September how would you EVER expect to keep your kids brain awake.  In today’s world it is so easy to add simple ways to keep your kids brain awake and alert.


One way would be have your child read over the summer.  Most public schools offer a reading list.  If you homeschool, you are welcome to check out that reading list also.  I know in our area the Barns n Nobel have these books set a side. So they are easy to find in their book store.


Another way is to play games on line.  I bet your kids would have a ball playing oxymoron games or what about US State games. There are all kinds of on line games out there to help.


One last way to help your kids brain stay awake during summer is to have then journal daily.  Encourage them to journal daily about what they are doing each day during the summer.  Encourage them to be aware of their punctuation and spelling.    You could even have them journal on the computer in a word doc.  This would give them typing practice too.

These are just a few ideas on how to keep your kids brain awake during summer vacation.  Do you have any ideas? Please share if you do.

How Involved?

How involved are you in what your children do on line?
Do you check their history on their computer?
Do you check the history on the You Tube account?
Does your teen know how to delete the history?


If you had a hard time answering these questions then YOU need to be more involved with what your child is doing on line.

I have a friend who thought her son was this innocent boy, who was a good boy and would never look at things that he was not supposed to online.  To be honest he wasn’t purposefully looking at things he was not supposed to but when you do searches on line or even You Tube if you put in the wrong word it can bring up the WRONG information or video.  My friend only knew this was happening because she sat down at the computer after him one day and hit the back button and found a not so friendly You Tube video.  All by mistake on his part.


It is our job as parents to make sure that our children are protected from things like that.   If our child is looking for word play games then we need to be there and make sure they are finding them and not some not so nice sites. Internet safety for kids is our should be our top priority.

5 Ways to Beat Summer Boredom

About 2 weeks maybe a month into summer your kids might start complaining about being bored.  What do you do to stop the boredom.  Here are 5 great things to do that will help keep your kids from getting bored this summer.

  1. Set up a 1000 or 2000 piece puzzle on a table somewhere in your home.  Every time your kids says the “b” word send them over to the puzzle to work.  You might want to sit down with them. This is a great bonding time for parents.
  2. To keep from loosing those educational skills ya’ll worked so hard to obtain this year what about some going online and playing some literature games or maybe some contraction games. There are all kinds of great FREE online educational games out there.
  3. You can have your kids create a Scavenger Hunt for you to work through. Or you can create one for them to work through.  There are lots of different ways to do Scavenger Hunts two of my favorite ways are as follows. 1. Start with a clue that leads to another clue that leads to another clue and so on till you get to the surprise. 2. Start with a list of things that need to be found first child to get all the items on the list wins.
  4. Set up some outdoor games. Sorta like a mini olympics for their friends.  You can do sprints races, 3 legged race, use a pillow case to do potato bag races. There is so many different games you can play.
  5. Obstacle course fun.  Oh yeah this can be done inside and outside. Set up different stations to preform different stunts.  Like a hula hoop station (must hoop till you count to 20 w/o dropping the hoop), rice bowl station (find  3 safety pin at the bottom of the rice bowl), draw in chalk circles on the driveway to hop from one to the other.  There are all kinds of ways to create a obstacle course.


I bet you can share some ideas too.