Spelling/Vocabulary Help

With the new school year are you thinking of ways to help your child with learning vocabulary words or spelling words?  We do all kinds of things around here.

My pantry door is painted w/ chalk board paint and we use that for writing out our spelling words/vocabulary words. We play games on that board too.

We have lap dry erase boards that we will do practice spelling/vocabulary test on.
We use the web for free games like wordsearch and online vocabulary games.

What do you use to help your child with spelling/vocabulary?


Oh No Momma is sick!

What do you do when the Momma is sick?

I know that is a loaded question.  Depending on how many kids you have and what their ages are, right? As I type this post I, the Momma, do not feel very good.  Chilled and ache is what I feel right now.  Don’t really have the energy to blog.  I will share with you some great game sites you can send your child to when you are sick and they still need to have something educational in their little brains!!!


Vocabulary Games Online website is fun for all kinds of Language Arts games.

Learning Games For Kids is a site for kids that has a little of everything. From health, art,science, geography and so much more.


Well I am going to let my kids play some games on the computer now.  I hope your kids enjoy these game sites as much as my kids do.

Fall Line Up

It is that time of year back to school time, no matter if you are homeschooling or going to a brick and mortar school.


Another thing that starts back up at this time of year are “New” episodes to some of the prime time TV shows.


With all these new shows and return shows starting back up w/ new episodes.  Have you looked to see what is age appropriate for your child/teen? Did you know that each show has a rating system to help you the parent to know what is age appropriate?




These ratings will show up in the corner of the screen each time a show begins.  This will help you to know if the show is age appropriate for your child/teen. To understand these ratings better check out The TV Parental Guidelines web site.  But remember just because a show has a rating of TV Y7 does not mean that it is okay for your 8 year old. This is just a guideline.  You the parent is should have the final say on what is age appropriate for your child/teen.


Contractions, why?

When you read a book to a preschooler do you ever pay attention to the wording in the book?  This past weekend I read a book to my children and was so surprised at the use of contractions.  Yes, I said contractions.  The definition of a contraction is


“A contraction is a shortened form of one or two words, one of which is usually a verb. In a contraction, an apostrophe almost always takes the place of the missing letter(s), for example “don’t” is the contraction for “do not”.  ”


In a world where there is so many texting lingo.  I figured that our children’s books should have very clear language.  Not that contractions are complicated, because they are not.  My only concern is that our children are learning language and reading skills at an early age.  To me contractions will confuse young children.


As children grow older they will be able to learn about spelling contractions in school and maybe with contraction games.  But again that will not be till they are in school.  Why is there such a rush for our preschoolers to grow up?

Analogies and Writing Fun.

Dog is to a Puppy as a Cat is to a Kitten


Finger is to Hand as Toe is to Foot


Basset Hound is to Dog as Bass is to Fish


Fly is to Plane as Drive is to Car


All of the above are analogies.  We have had fun in our house trying to come up with different analogies.  We have been trying to stump others in our family with analogies.  What fun it has been.

A friend recommended assigning student writing practice using analogies. The idea would be to have your student write a paragraph or a few paragraphs using as many different kinds of analogies at they can.

The types of analogies they could use would be…

  • Synonym
  • Antoynm
  • Characteristic
  • Part/Whole
  • Degree
  • Type
  • Tool/Worker
  • Action/Object
  • Item/Purpose
  • Product/Worker