Florida Fall!

I live in Florida. So our fall has just begun.

It is beautiful outside right now. Temp is cool 75 with a slight breeze. No to low humidity. What every Floridian dreams of for a perfect day. I sit here on my laptop watching my kids play outside. Yes they play outside year round but there are times of the year that they will NOT even think of going outside it is just TOO HOT!


Right now my daughter is outside drawing pictures of what she sees. Sorta like a nature journal.  I know in Florida there is not much change for nature but when you are out looking closely then nature seems to jump out at you. Like the ants on the ground, the birds chirping, lady bugs flying by.  She is seeing it all.

Being a homeschooler this is the time of year I really take advantage of the weather and being outside. I love that we can be freethinking homeschoolers and take our schooling anywhere we want and incorporate it into our work.  Some people would call this unschooling but for us it is just life and how we enjoy it.

Sick day in our house…

Well the past few weeks we have had ear infections, bladder infections and mole removal.  Needless to say school has slowed down.  But that is the joy of homeschooling. Even though we did not have assigned book work for a few days here and there. We did how ever do the next best thing on sick days, we had an unschooling day or two!


Unschooling can be done in many different ways. Unschooling is making educational activities to your children. Unschooling is very child led. Children learn by doing.  For us on our sick days we use educational videos and some online games like unscramble the word and crossword games. Games that can be done on the computer make for laid back school day.  We also do read alouds. Might read ahead in the book we are working on or start a small short story that we can finish in a few days.


What do you do on sick days?

Print, Cursive or Type?

We teach our children to print their letters so they can write words.  But do we teach them to write cursive so they can create a signature or do we skip the cursive and teach our children to type?


I remember in school we used to have to write EVERYTHING in cursive when we reached the 4th grade curriculum. If we printed we would get marked down a grade level.  But today in the world of computers do your children actually write period.  Do they know how to write their name in cursive? Do your children know how to read cursive if they need to?

I have tried to make sure my oldest can can at least read cursive. I have been using cursive handwriting worksheets to practice writing out his spelling words. At the same time he is seeing how to read these words in cursive.



I have also been working on teaching my son how to spell his name in cursive.  Believe it or not that is VERY important for our children.  If you have not done that yet. You really need to teach your child to write their name in cursive. Even if they do know write any other words in cursive they need to be able to write their name as a signature.  Printing their names for important documents as adults will not pass as acceptable.


So do your children know cursive? Do they know how to sign their name in cursive?