We Speak Latin!

On the way to VBS day camp this morning, my kids got into a conversation about what the words “uni” and “bi” and “tri” mean. Then I was telling them that “dec” means ten and “penta” means five. Yes, this is a pretty typical kind of conversation in our family.

When we got there, my two older kids took off to go fulfill their volunteer duties. My youngest and I continued the conversation. He thought it is really cool that so much of our language is made up of Latin roots. He told me that he couldn’t wait to tell all his friends that he speaks Latin! When they act all surprised he planned to tell them, “So do YOU!”

Then he started quizzing me about what other words have Latin roots. I told him, “When you get home today, I will show you a cool site where you can play games that teach you the Latin roots.” He responded with an, “Oh, COOL!!!”¬†Just so you can know about it too, the site is called Vocabulary.co.il. There are all sorts of fun vocabulary games on there! Check it out! You just might discover that you speak more than one language as well!

Is Anyone Pinterested?

This past week I spent a lot of time writing about art for kids! I was writing for another blog called artcitysite.com. I wrote about all different kinds of art from recycled art to food art! When I finished writing I decided to relax and spend some time on Pintetrest to rest my brain.

Oh, good grief! I should have gone to Pinterest first! I found all KINDS of great kids art projects and ideas! This site is just bustling with brilliant suggestions. You can find ideas for how to organize and decorate your homeschool classroom, fun ways to teach just about every subject, and great recipes to keep your family fed. There is even humor on here to lighten the load of homeschooling kids 24/7.

It’s 8 o’clock, Do YOU Know Where Your Kids Are…Online?

As our church is getting ready to host our annual VBS (Vacation Bible School) Day Camp, my two oldest have been going to help with decorating during the day. Actually they are preparing all the decorations which will be put up closer to the week of VBS. We have quite a large church so there are a LOT of areas to cover. During the afternoon, it has been just my youngest and the pets here at home. A few days ago, we had gotten a our chores done, so RoboBoy and I decided to play a bit of Minecraft together. It was fun to just hang out with him doing something that he loves.

By the way, in my opinion, that is a GREAT way to foster internet safety for kids. Get involved with the things they like to do online so you will know what they are up to. By doing this you may also help them to see potential problem areas that they might otherwise not recognize.

I think it’s also important to try to get to know any friends that they chat with regularly online. It’s good to get to know their off line friends as well!

If you are looking for ways to teach your kids how to be safe online, check out this site: Net Smartz Kids. This site seems geared to younger kids. Here is one that is geared for teens: Net Smartz Workshop.


Learning About Our States Online

My mother-in-law loves to tell me the story of how, when she had one of her grandsons living with her, she helped him learn all the state capitols for school using a game they found online. In honor of recently passed Independence Day, I’d like to talk about a fun way for kids to learn about each of the states online. Learninggamesforkids.com is a great site that has all kinds of fun learning games for kids.

In the US State Games section, kids can choose a state or learn about all 50 states. The games include fun activities like word search, unscramble and story blanks. For each state there is a short paragraph giving details about that particular state.

Want MORE? Head over to www.spellingcity.com. They have tons of fun games that will help kids learn about each of our 50 states. There are crossword puzzles, flash cards and even sentence and paragraph writing practice. What a great way to extend the celebration of our freedoms and extend the learning too!