Online Science

When you think of learning online, do you think you can only do subjects like language arts and math online? If you do, you’re not alone. Most people think that subjects like science, which requires so many “hands-on” experiments, are simply too hard to do online.



Guess what? You can do science activities online, no matter what age/grade level your child is at! There are tons of online resources for science. Let’s talk about just a few of them:

Educational videos are a great way to introduce and reinforce science concepts, especially for the visual learner. Learning games for kids has some wonderful (and FREE) science videos.

Working with younger kiddos? Science4Us offers online, interactive science for elementary school aged students.

If you’re homeschooling high schoolers, Let’s Homeschool Highschool has a terrific high school homeschool curriculum directory, broken down my subject. You can even find programs that stick to your specifc belief systems, like Creationism or a more secular view of science.

These are just the tiniest tip of the iceburg. Online science is everywhere!

Where have you found it?

Building Vocabulary Skills

How do your prioritize buidling a strong vocabulary? Is it something that you focus on, or is it something that you feel comes naturally to children while they are learning in other subject areas?

For the electronically-inclined, there are a number of online resources available, if you want your kiddos to put a primary focus on building vocabulary skills.

VocabularySpellingCity – Not just for spelling activities! Create your own lists of vocabulary words, or import one of the thousands that have already been shared on the site.

Learning Games for Kids – This FREE site allows your kids to play vocabulary games online, practicing and reinforcing word study in a fun way!

Time4Writing – Multi-task! Find resources and writing lesson plans, which can build both vocabulary skills and writing skills.

What are some of your favorite vocabulary building resources? Chime in and share in the comments below!