High School Homeschool “Extras”

For many homeschooling families, homeschooling through the high school years is a much different process than homeschooling through elementary and middle school years. Maybe it’s because portfolios become more “official,” or because they know that they need to prepare kiddos for college and adulthood. Regardless, it can put more pressure on the parents. There is a lot of stress in finding the right materials/program for your teens, much less worrying about things that aren’t directly related to curricula needs.

Here are just a few high school resources that might be able to ease a little of that not-curriculum-related stress:

High School Homeschool Athletics – If your kids are homeschooled, but want to play sports at the high school level (this could be just for fun/exercise, or in hopes of college scholarships), check out this state by state guide.

Driver’s Ed Requirements for Homeschoolers – Yep, your babies are going to start driving. Don’t worry, you’re not alone in your terror. 😉 In some states, the Driver’s Ed requirements are different for homeschoolers, than they are for public schoolers. Make sure you know what your state expects from you and your future driver.

Career Exploration for Homeschoolers – If your high schooler isn’t quite sure what they want to do after high school, this FREE 4-week unit study might be just what they need to research and seek out a career path suited to their personality and strengths.