It’s 8 o’clock, Do YOU Know Where Your Kids Are…Online?

As our church is getting ready to host our annual VBS (Vacation Bible School) Day Camp, my two oldest have been going to help with decorating during the day. Actually they are preparing all the decorations which will be put up closer to the week of VBS. We have quite a large church so there are a LOT of areas to cover. During the afternoon, it has been just my youngest and the pets here at home. A few days ago, we had gotten a our chores done, so RoboBoy and I decided to play a bit of Minecraft together. It was fun to just hang out with him doing something that he loves.

By the way, in my opinion, that is a GREAT way to fosterĀ internet safety for kids. Get involved with the things they like to do online so you will know what they are up to. By doing this you may also help them to see potential problem areas that they might otherwise not recognize.

I think it’s also important to try to get to know any friends that they chat with regularly online. It’s good to get to know their off line friends as well!

If you are looking for ways to teach your kids how to be safe online, check out this site: Net Smartz Kids. This site seems geared to younger kids. Here is one that is geared for teens: Net Smartz Workshop.


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