Don’t think I’ve mentioned yet on here that I have started running. It’s fun and a great way to loose my extra weight. There are all kinds of apps out there for runners, but I just want to share the two that have become my favorites!

First is Couch to 5K or C25K. This is a program that has you alternating between walking and running. The goal is to gradually increase the amount of time you run while decreasing the time you walk. This is a great way for an out of shape beginner like me to start!

Second is Endomondo. This is a cool app that uses your smart phone’s GPS to track your pace, route, calories burned and more. You can sign up with a team on Endomondo, or go it alone. It works for multiple sports. People can also send each other challenges to increase the motivation.

I must also share my favorite new gadget. My brand new running earbuds!! If you have ever tried to run with cheap earbuds then you know how frustrating it is! Yurbuds are designed by runners for runners. They do not fall out of your ear while running, and the sound is incredible.

While we are on the subject of fitness, are you trying to teach your kids about staying fit? It always pays to try to make learning fun and Learning Games For Kids does just that. There is a whole section of Health Games to teach kids about allergies, anatomy, dental health and staying fit.

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