My Thankful Heart

If you spend any time on Facebook at this time of year then you have probably seen the posts. From the first day of November to Thanksgiving day, people share what they are thankful for. What a wonderful use of technology! We need to be encouraging each other to be thankful. After all, when we have a thankful heart then we are more able to be content with our circumstances. We also have less tendency to be crabby with the people around us.

This is also a great way to teach our kids an attitude of gratitude. For most homeschool parents, it’s about much more than academics. It’s about teaching our children positive character traits. With that in mind, how about extending this season of thankfulness to every day of the year? I think I will give myself that challenge!

I love this graphic. It give an awesome illustration of how consistently being thankful adds snippets of gratitude to save in our hearts. Eventually this should become second nature. That’s what I want for my kids!

By the way, this was my thankful post for today:

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