A New High School Curriculum

In the world of homeschooling, especially  high school homeschooling, finding the right curriculum is probably the hardest thing families face. It needs to fit in with the family’s budget, but more importantly, it needs to “click” with the homeschool student and the homeschool parent.

If your family prefers online curricula over traditional textbooks/workbooks, then you might be excited to know that there’s a new player in the homeschooling high school game.

Time4Learning is now offering high school courses!

Time4Learning high school offers an online, interactive curriculum for ninth through twelfth grade that correlates to state standards.

My oldest son just started his 9th grade year at home, and he’s using T4L. So far, we are all loving it! He’s enjoying the engaging lessons, and I’m enjoying the fact that this isn’t costing me a fortune. Compared to other curricula we found prior to the T4L high school launch, this is not only more affordable, but I’m not locked into a contract where I have to commit to the program for a certain length of time.

I would love to hear from other parents who are just as excited about this new option for high school homeschool curriculum! Please chime in below with your thoughts! 🙂

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