Analogies and Writing Fun.

Dog is to a Puppy as a Cat is to a Kitten


Finger is to Hand as Toe is to Foot


Basset Hound is to Dog as Bass is to Fish


Fly is to Plane as Drive is to Car


All of the above are analogies.  We have had fun in our house trying to come up with different analogies.  We have been trying to stump others in our family with analogies.  What fun it has been.

A friend recommended assigning student writing practice using analogies. The idea would be to have your student write a paragraph or a few paragraphs using as many different kinds of analogies at they can.

The types of analogies they could use would be…

  • Synonym
  • Antoynm
  • Characteristic
  • Part/Whole
  • Degree
  • Type
  • Tool/Worker
  • Action/Object
  • Item/Purpose
  • Product/Worker

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