Anti-social Homeschoolers??

One of the main arguments homeschoolers hear against their choice is “They need to be socialized!” All homeschoolers know that this is a bunch of baloney! Ours are some of the best socialized kids in society. Even my kids who, due to our family sharing one vehicle, are at home pretty much 24/7 are better ‘socialized’ than most public school kids. How can I say that?? Well, technology of course!

Because of technology, my kids have friends that they chat with daily from different parts of the world. ManBoy has a friend from England who he plays with and Fashionista has a friend from Finland. They get to learn about each others culture while they are having fun playing games like MineCraft. Once Fashionista had a whole conversation with her friend from England about how we call frozen flavored ice on a stick, Popsicles. He informed her that they call them Lollipops. Interesting!

This is what we typically see on the screen when ManBoy is on the computer.

In case you are wondering, that is a split screen. He is playing MineCraft while at the same time chatting with friends. My kids are VERY aware not to share any personal info while chatting online. We also keep our computers in “public” area of the house so that mom and dad can keep tabs on what our kids are doing.

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