Balancing Act

With all the electronic options our kids have these days how do you keep a balance of electronics and face to face time with your kids.  Instead of just saying no when they ask you if they can play on their game system or watch a movie give options on what you could do instead.  Here are some ideas.
  • Insist on meal time, breakfast, lunch and dinner to be electronic free. Meaning no TV OR cell phones!
  • Play cards
  • Go for a bike ride
  • Go for a walk/stroll/run with your kids
  • Play a board game
  • Read out loud together – choose a chapter book to read as a family.  Make it a classic and you will enjoy it even more. No matter how old your children are, even teenagers will enjoy this. A great site to find great books for kids is Homeschool Literature
  • Have a picnic – inside or outside both ways are fun.
  • Sit at the table and color, yes you read right just color.  Even teenage boys will enjoy this if they give it a chance. They might give you a hard time about it but in the end they will have fun. You might want to look at free coloring and not coloring books.
  • Topic jar – make a topic jar, have everyone in the family write down topics to talk about.  Then set aside a time to spend discussing them one topic at a time.  Some ideas for topics might be…. dream vacation, favorite meal including dessert, what type of car would you have if you did not have to worry about money, if you could be in a TV show what kind of show would it be?
  • Play in a sprinkler WITH your kids.
  • Draw on the driveway with chalk.  You might find your teenager has a gift for chalk art.
  • Take a look at the games from your childhood.  Share them with your kids. Help them to be able to see how much fun you had as a child without electronics.


That is just a few ideas. I invite you to leave a comment with your own ideas to share.

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