Blogging Safety

I have talked before about how you kids/teens connect with others, you know facebook, email, texting and then there is blogging.  Today I want to bring up a few internet safety tips on blogging. These are not just safety tips for teens but adults also.

Names on blogs is a big safety issue. Some people use their own real names for themselves but not use their children’s names. Some people use nicknames for everyone. If you are under 18 it is safer to not use your real name.

Location of where you are. This is a safety issue in that if you share where your live and your name it makes it easier to find you.

Telling to many personal details. Details like your school or location of a local store. These can all be dangerous.

For me I only ever tell people the area that I live in. Not the town.

A great way to get better details on how to be safe is to take a blog writing course.



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