Can Tech Help Our Furry and Feathered Friends?

We have several pets here, a dog named Lightening (named by the then probably 4 year old of his former family after the movie “Cars”), a robo hamster named Sunshine (my youngest will tell you that’s ironic since she is nocturnal!) and 2 parakeets named Romeo and Juliet.

I don’t have the heart to either clip my bird’s wings or keep them caged. Sadly, there are times when they would be safer caged, like last night when we had a houseful of friends here. Juliet got a bit freaked and started flying around. She must have miscalculated her flight because she smacked right into our patio doors, something neither one has ever done in all the years we’ve had them.

This morning, when my daughter took their cover off, she said, “Mom! You may want to come see this!” I went to take a look and it looks like Juliet has damaged one side of her cere (the fleshy nostril area above her beak). It looks like one side of it has broken clean off. I was thinking, “Oh great!! Now I’m going to have to take her to the vet!”

Well, being the techie I am, I took to the internet first! My research showed that since she seems to be totally unaffected by her injury and there was no bleeding involved, she should be just fine. Most sites still recommend that I take her to the vet, but I can’t see my hubby allowing me to spend that kind of money on a $15 bird. Yes, we do love her, but as I said, she seems totally fine.

I love being able to go online to learn more about how to care for my pets. I’ve also learned how to groom my King Charles Spaniel. I’ve been able to learn what to do for my male parakeet’s overgrown beak. My oldest even learned how to care for his hamster.

While I’m on the subject of internet and critters, here is a fun place where kids can learn about nature and animals!

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