Streaming and Learning

Not all that long ago, the only time I ever thought about using the TV (in any way) in my homeschooling, would have been if we needed a sick day for mom. And mom would have to have been really sick to default to that, lol.

But, how does that Bob Dylan song go? Times they are a changin’.

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Streaming video services have been on the rise. Why wouldn’t they be? They are cheaper than cable and you basically have everything on demand; you’re not looking through a guide waiting for something to air at a certain time or on a certain channel. Just as with so many aspects of technology, streaming video services are becoming valuable to homeschooling families, and not just for the latest season of The Flash! 😉

Do your kiddos have an interest in bees? There’s a documentary for that. Are they interested in cooking? There’s a TV show for that. Maybe as family, you guys are interested in learning about other world cultures? Yep, you can find films for that.

Here are a few links that have been recommended by other homeschoolers, covering many ages/grade levels:

**DISCLAIMER — only you as a parent can judge what’s appropriate for your kiddos. Goes without saying, but please understand that these suggestions come from many homeschooling families, each with different ideals and belief systems. 🙂


Amazon Prime Video


Do you have favorites that you’ve discovered? Add them in the comments below and we’ll update our list to include them!



Fun with Social Studies

Social studies can be such a fun subject to teach and learn. Whether you and your kids prefer a workbook or textbook based social studies curriculum, or whether they prefer an online homeschool social studies program, there are ways to have fun with the subject.

Field trips can be tons of fun and really educational, all at the same time. Check out some local history spots, or visit a museum.

Play games! Learning Games for Kids offers quite a few (and FREE!) social studies games on their site.

Historical television programs and documentaries. Yep, I said it. Use your TV as an educational tool. 😉

What are some of the ways that you and your children have had fun with teaching and learning social studies?