My husband, kids and I just watched a movie called “Cyberbully”. Fashionista (who is 12) had been wanting to watch it for a while, having seen the thumbnail for it on our Netflix account. I had seen that it was rated TV14 so I had told her NOT to watch it. That was a month or two ago. Well, a few days ago, Fashionista informed me that she had decided to watch it. I promptly ‘decided’ to ground her for disobeying.


After discussing this with MyHero, we decided that perhaps we should all watch it as a family so that we could discuss it. I highly recommend that parents of teens and preteens do this. Especially if their kids are on the internet a lot and what kid isn’t these days??


If you take my advice, let me warn you, there is a good reason this movie is rated TV14. There are no graphic pictures, but the language being used may be offensive to some families. That being said, there was much fodder for discussion in this movie.


One example is how someone can become a cyberbully without ever intending to. Near the end they also discuss positive ways of dealing with becoming a victim to cyberbullying.

  • Print out the conversation in which the bullying occurred.
  • Block the sender
  • Talk to a parent or teacher.
  • For more info on ways to deal with cyberbullying you can go to:  STOMPOutBullying.Org or call 855-790-HELP.


It would be great to discuss these options with your kids.


I realize that I keep saying discuss these things with your kids. That is another very important point. Make sure your kids know that you are on their side. Whether it’s cyberbullying or your son’s excitement to show you that peach fuzz while asking you to teach him how to shave, let them know that you are there for them.

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