Dec 2017: Newer and Faster

I’m trying to put together my thoughts on what parenting will be like over hte next year and I’m not sure that I’m really up to it. I just read an article about how homeschooling is at this point and it’s clear that it has changed 100%.

When I started this blog on Parenting in an Electronic Age, my theme was PEA. Parenting in an Electronic Age. Got it? And the idea was that while we use to set physical boundaries for where kids could go and be safe, this meant little in a digital age where every phone, tablet, or game machine was a potential portal to all sorts of realities and exposures.

But that parents should not be terrified, they should instead get involved and have some fun exploring it all with the kids. My idea was no parent left behind.  I was big on the idea of working with the fact that Today’s Learners were a fact of life that we should embrace, not bemoan that they weren’t like before. Same thing with the literacy challenges.

More later on how this is how this is shaping up in 2018 and beyond

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