Dolch Words

What does Dolch words mean?

The Dolch List got it’s name from Edward William Dolch, PhD, who in 1948 went through common children’s books and found what he called the “problem” words, or words that where most common in children’s book’s and often did not follow the phonics rules. Most where words that you could not sound out.  They where words that need to be memorized, instead. Edward Dolch, PhD felt that if you memorized his list of words then it would be easier to learn to read.  There is approximatly 220 of these words to memorize.

You know me I am all about the electronic way to learn this list of words. has a phonic and spelling sight word curriculum.   This curriculum then give you  list that give you games and practice to learn the Dolch list.  Not only can you take practice test, test and flashcards but they offer LOTS of games to play.



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