E-Camp? What a great idea!

As a geek family, we are always finding innovative ways to learn. It’s even better when it turns out that we don’t have to spend any money to utilize the resource. Such is the case with the resource I just saw posted on the Time4Learning Facebook page!

This one is for a science e-camp that I can totally see my kids getting excited about. Supercharged Science is hosting this e-camp. There will be videos and science experiments that our kids should be able to do independently while learning about things like electricity and physics. Don’t worry, I’m sure our children will not be standing out in lightening storms with a kite and a key!

Registration starts May 15th but you can get added to their early registration list. They will then e-mail you a link for registration when it opens.

By the way, I’d like to say what a fantastic idea e-camps are!!

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