If you haven’t gotten on the e-reader bandwagon yet, what are you waiting for? Sure many of us prefer the feel of a real book in our hands. However, e-readers can do so much more than just let you read e-books these days.

You can search the internet, play games, check your mail, watch movies and more! If you have a Kindle and an Amazon Prime membership, then you can even borrow books from the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library. You can also borrow e-books from public libraries.

There are tons of classic books that you can get for your kids for free. Another really cool feature of the Kindle Fire is that if you child doesn’t know the meaning of a word in the e-book they are reading, all they have to do is tap the screen. The device will automatically access the included dictionary and then show a popup with the definition of the word.

If you child is one who has trouble reading on their own, such as those with dyslexia, they can choose to have the device read the book to them as they read the words.

Beyond all this is the added benefit of being able to clear your bookshelves!

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