E3 Conference Reveals New Education Technology!

Our family has a serious video game addiction! I mean SERIOUS! My 14 year old son  and husband have spent the last couple days watching video footage from the latest E3 Conference. If you have no idea what the E3 conference is, then you must not be a serious gamer! LOL Basically E3 is when the gaming industry reveals their new games and technology for the coming year.

I tend to tune most of it out, but couldn’t help watching over hubby’s shoulder when PS3 announced their new Wonderbook technology. This looks totally cool! I couldn’t help imagining all kinds of educational applications that could be implemented using this! While I personally will pass on the “Book of Spells”, I am looking forward to seeing what other “books” come out of this. I’m seeing history coming to life! Astronomy right in our living rooms! A whole new perspective to “hands-on” math!

One thought on “E3 Conference Reveals New Education Technology!

  • June 7, 2012 at 7:30 pm

    I am not really into gaming, but my daughter enjoys lots of them. The Wonderbook thing sounds interesting though.

    Thanks for sharing!

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