Extracurricular Activities for Kids in School

There are about 10 questions that people ask about homeschooling when they meet a homeschooler for the first time. The top question usually is “What about socialization?” but one of the other top questions is “What about extracurricular activities like sports, art, music or even drama?”


Let me say there is always private lessons for art and music. You can even add extra practice with art games and music games online. For sports there is usually a private options available, too. With Drama there is are a local theater available.

In my area there are homeschool groups that do all of the above. In the state of Florida you can duel enroll in public school also. This is when you only enroll in certain classes or extracurricular activities like sports, art, music and drama. You only come to school for those classes or activities.

I hope that answer the question of “What about extracurricular activities?”

You can even say this is a way to take care of that first question that everyone is so concerned about Socialization, too.

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