Fall Line Up

It is that time of year back to school time, no matter if you are homeschooling or going to a brick and mortar school.


Another thing that starts back up at this time of year are “New” episodes to some of the prime time TV shows.


With all these new shows and return shows starting back up w/ new episodes.  Have you looked to see what is age appropriate for your child/teen? Did you know that each show has a rating system to help you the parent to know what is age appropriate?




These ratings will show up in the corner of the screen each time a show begins.  This will help you to know if the show is age appropriate for your child/teen. To understand these ratings better check out The TV Parental Guidelines web site.  But remember just because a show has a rating of TV Y7 does not mean that it is okay for your 8 year old. This is just a guideline.  You the parent is should have the final say on what is age appropriate for your child/teen.


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