Florida Fall!

I live in Florida. So our fall has just begun.

It is beautiful outside right now. Temp is cool 75 with a slight breeze. No to low humidity. What every Floridian dreams of for a perfect day. I sit here on my laptop watching my kids play outside. Yes they play outside year round but there are times of the year that they will NOT even think of going outside it is just TOO HOT!


Right now my daughter is outside drawing pictures of what she sees. Sorta like a nature journal.  I know in Florida there is not much change for nature but when you are out looking closely then nature seems to jump out at you. Like the ants on the ground, the birds chirping, lady bugs flying by.  She is seeing it all.

Being a homeschooler this is the time of year I really take advantage of the weather and being outside. I love that we can be freethinking homeschoolers and take our schooling anywhere we want and incorporate it into our work.  Some people would call this unschooling but for us it is just life and how we enjoy it.

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