Follow up to NaNoWriMo

A few weeks ago I told you I had a NaNoWriMo post . This was where I told you about the National Novel Writers Month challenge that was issued in November. I have asked other parents about this and wanted to follow up on how their kids had done.


Some parents said “My child did not finish, Nov 30 came and they stopped writing.”
Some parents said “Oh! I love it, my son is determined to keep going until he is finished.”
Some parents have said “My child finished and the novel is great and can’t wait for his creative writing tutor to read it.”
But my favorite so far was when I asked a student how she was doing at the beginning of December. She said “I am still editing but can’t wait for it to be done! I have put in so many hours and want to read the whole thing.” When I responded. “If she needed extra readers I wold be glad.” She then said in a surprised come back, “Really, cool?!?”
What a confidence builder this whole program has become. Oh, I had a parent of a younger student state that in doing this project they learned that their child needs to work on their spelling, you know the basic spelling.  So she is going to use popular word list from What a great idea!

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