Giving, Hope, and Family

There are so many winter holidays to celebrate! Regardless of which one(s) your family participates in, there is always a general theme of giving, hope, and family.

Homeschool parents (all parents, honestly) can find this time of year exhausting. Trying to balance education, jobs, family gatherings, plans…it’s hard to take a breather and remember that you can get a little help. You can delegate some things, even your homeschooling!

This themed unit study for December from Time4Learning is such a great resource. They have collected some lessons and activities that revolve around or tie into the giving, hope and family theme and they’ve put them in one easily printable/downloadable document. There are even links for fun activities and resources from other sites too…spelling lists, books to read, songs and games, and more!

Head on over (just click on the photo below) and take a look at everything packed into this FREE unit study, then comment on this post and share how YOU ease some of your holiday burden.  🙂



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