Hig Pig or Idiom

Ever heard of a Hig Pig or a Hink Pink?

If you have I bet it has not been a while since you have heard of them.  Unless you have kids that are learning about them in school or you are a teacher teaching about them in school.  I know I totally had forgotten about what they where when my son was learning about them in his schooling. Oh what fun they can be.

Here are a few:

A Rude Hooter —— Foul Owl

Over Weight Feline ——- Fat Cat



See those are silly.


Oh and what about idioms, my son had to remind me of what an idiom was* when we first started working with these but once we got started. He and I really had fun with them.  He loves idiom games.
Here are a few examples…

eat like a pig ——- eat to much

mad at a hornet ——— very angry


We have had so much fun on this part of english.  Love when english gives us games to play. I will share some other games another time.



*American idioms and slang are a huge part of American culture. While formal writing or speech does not include as many idioms or slang words, even there these words and phrases can creep in and confuse meaning for those not familiar with them.*




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