“Home” Schooling or “_____” Schooling?

Yes, we are what most call “Homeschoolers.” Yes, I have already written a post back a while ago about homeschooling styles but did you know there is even more kinds of homeschoolers out there. I don’t mean philosophy, like Classical, Charlot Mason, Eclectic Homeschooling, or even Unschooling. I am talking about where homeschoolers DO the actual learning.  You will find that the average “Homeschooler” does not do all their schooling at home! Then where do they do their schooling at, you might ask?
There are many different names for all the different schoolings….
Vacation Schooling – Schooling while on vacation. Taking advanatage of the educational oppertunities that are avaliable when you are on vacation, OR bringing your school work with you to do a little each day while on vacation.
Road Schooling – This is normally when you LIVE in a camper of some sort and you move around often. Doing their school where ever they live. One day they might be in Texas and the next in Ohio.
Car Schooling – We do a lot of car schooling.  This is where you take your homeschooling anywhere with you.  You do your math worksheets in the car, you listen to history books on cd in the car, you have your spelling test in the car.  Usually on your way to somewhere. On your way to an appointment or to a friends house.
Park Schooling – I used to know a family who did this twice a week.  They loaded up all their school stuff and go to the park and do their school at the park, either on a picnic table or under a tree.
So when I tell someone I “Home”school my kids it is usually not the whole truth. 🙂

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