Homeschooling a Possible Future Chef

I’ve found an edition to our homeschool resources that I never expected to add! I’ve shared before that my son is a high school homeschool student. ManBoy loves to cook and has expressed an interest in possibly becoming a chef. I am a believer in homeschooling to your children’s interests, especially if those interests could eventually blossom into a career.

That’s why I now consider “Take Home Chef” to be one of our new homeschool resources. ManBoy has been watching this show and learning all kinds of things that he is then trying out in the kitchen. He has taken over the menu planning, grocery shopping and cooking in our house. This is also wonderful training for ManBoy.

I would love to have him work with an actual chef as part of his training. I feel this would allow him to get a chance to find out what being a chef is really all about so that he can decide if this is really what he wants to do with his life.

It would also be great for him to be able to watch other cooking shows to get a wider range of cooking styles. Even if he eventually chooses to take a different path, cooking is something that will always be a useful skill.

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