Homeschooling Style

I sorta started talking about Homeschooling about two weeks ago.  I think I am going to keep going on that theme.  Turn this into a Homsechool Series. Today I will cover some different kinds of homeschooling. Every child has their own homeschool learning style.  It might take you trying a few different kinds of homeschooling to learn what works for your child.


  • Relaxed or Eclectic Homeschooling -the use all kinds of methods as they tailor things for each individual child. It isn’t a curriculum, or the absence of a curriculum. I myself fall into this type of homeschooler.   I’ve used various books and materials over the years, including some textbooks and online learning.
  • Traditional Textbook – the use of text books.  This kind of homeschooling is the closes to public school.  Sometimes known as school at home. I have seen many people set up a spare room with desk and have school at home.
  • Classical Homeschooling – this process is a three stage process that trains the mind. Stage One – grammar stage, Stage Two – logic stage, Stage Three – Rhetoric Stage.  Each stage builds on the stage before. Also Stage one is Elementary, Stage Two is Middle school and Stage Three is High School.
  •  Unit Study Learning – This is choosing a subject or a book to learn about using all the subjects. Example Unit Study on Space – Spelling – all the planets, Math – measuring the distance between planets, Science – what each planet is made of, Social Studies – when was the first spaceship in space. Language Arts – write a report about a planet of your choice.
  • Charlotte Mason – is reading living books, first hand experience and good habits. Living books are usually written in story form by one author who has a passion for the subject. First hand experience is just what is sounds like, letting children do things for themselves, like nature journals which put the child in nature. Good Habits is a way to teach your child character traits.
  • Unschooling –  process of learning by living, life schooling, or interest led schooling, where the child learns as adults learn–by pursuing their interests, and seeing where those lead them. Example: an unschooler might learn to read because he/she wants to read a book that will tell that child how to do something that they are very interested. If they work on their reading then they learn what they are interested in.
  • Online schooling – this is homeschool curriculum that is online.  There are many different online curriculums out there. Some are through the public schools and are called virtual schools.  I personally do not care for those as it is the same as having my child in public school, you still have to answer to the school system.  There some online schools that cost $100’s of dollars for the school year, almost s much as it would if you were in their private brick and mortar school and then there is one of my favorite that is reasonably priced and kids really like.




Those are the most common homeschooling styles. If you use a different style of homeschooling that is not listed above please comment with what it is and how you implement it into your day.



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