Homeschooling Through High School


Many homeschooling families fear the high school years. Not necessarily because their kids will be teens or going through adolescence, but because they are terrified of “doing it right.” The curriculum, the transcripts, the diplomas, what happens next — it can be overwhelming, even to those who have been homeschooling since preschool.

While most people think they need local resources, don’t forget about all of the online help that’s available for homeschooling high school. Not only can you research, purchase and successfully use an online homeschool high school curriculum, you can find support groups, transcript and college admission help, even find online co-op/video tutorials for labs and experiments.

If you’re currently homeschooling a high schooler, or you’ve graduated a homeschooler, please share your resources and experiences in the comments. Your encouragement could make such a difference!

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