Homeschooling Trends

With school being out, there are a lot of parents who are debating on sending their kids back to school or to homeschool them.  Some are thinking of not sending their children back to school because of the violence but there are others who are leaning toward the homeschooling trend because they feel their child is not getting the education they want their child to have.


There are so many different styles of homeschooling out there.  Here are a few different kinds to name a few…

  1. Text book style (very similar to public school)
  2. Charlotte Mason
  3. Unit Studies
  4. Homeschooling Online
  5. Eclectic – using a little of everything


These are only 5 of MANY types of homeschooling that a parent can choose from.  If you are looking into this homeschooling trend, I recommend you do LOTS of research to find out what kind of style you would like to use.  Remember it is homeschooling not Schooling at home.  Don’t assume your child will thrive if you copy exactly what the public school you just took them out of.  Remember the reason you took them out of school.



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