How do your kids see the world?

I saw this commercial on TV and thought I just have to share this with you. Watch it and then read on…


Are your kids only seeing the world from behind the computer or do they think that is the way to see the world? Makes you wonder how many kids are actually doing this; spending more time on the computer then actually out in the world.  With internet safety for kids at the top of my list of issues that we as adults need to be concerned about.  I think the idea that our kids are ONLY seeing things in a world from a computer screen is sad.  I think people who are unschooling might just have something.  No matter if it is summer or the normal school year time their kids are usually out in the world learning hands on.  Even if your not a unschooler, say you school 9 months a year or even school year round; you should really try to help your children see the world in person. Not just from a computer screen.  Take notes from this silly commercial.  Get out and do things but do them with your kids, don’t leave them at home!

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