How do your kids share their feelings?

How do kids share their feelings these days?  I know most of you might think by yelling at their parents right? I was thinking more along the lines of  facebook, email, twitter, email and even blogs.  All these places can be real dangers if not monitored by parents and adults. Remember as much as our kids want to think they are adult and think they should be treated like adults they are still kids.


Facebook – is a great place to share the silly things going on in your life or the prayer request for your life.  But I see it also being used as a place to bully.  This is where parents need to step in and well be parents.


Email – Just like passing notes in school but electronically and immediately no waiting with this type of note.


Twitter – like playing that game telephone in elementary school, this too can turn into bulling very quickly.


Blogging – A lot of teens are turning to blogging more and more to share not only their feelings but art work too.  There is a great free blogging course that helps teens and even preteens with setting up a good quality blog there are all kinds of ways to learn the writing process.


How do you see your kids sharing their feelings these days?

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