How early is too early?

I was asked the other day “How early is to early for your child to be on the internet?”  My opinions might be different then others on this subject.  But then my opinion is based as much on the cost of the computer as it is on the safety of the child.  Let me explain that  comment.  We are in a tight budget family and the cost of replacing or repairing a computer is just not in our budget.  We are very careful on how often our children are on the computer in fear they will damage it some how.

With that being said, I am amazed when I see people letting their kids play games and surf the internet on their smart phone or laptops.  When I say kids I don’t mean teen agers but their preschoolers, as early as 2 or 3 years old.  I know we live in an electronic age and that is not going to change any time soon but it is going to take some time for me to get used to this idea.  In me getting used to the idea I need to allow my preschooler on the computer more.


But there are rules for any children in my home that use the computer/internet.

Top Rule for my preschoolers is …. Only when Mom/Dad can sit with you are you allowed on the computer/internet.  Once my children are old enough to read the content this rule is still in effect but with a little of a change.  Only allowed on the computer/internet if Mom/Dad are in the room and can see the screen.  Also I do surprise checks on the history of the browser.  My oldest son knows he is NOT allowed to delete the history if he does then he is not allowed to the computer for a week and then when he is allowed he will be treated like his little sister and have me sit with him a few days before he is able to be alone again.  You can imagine he really does not like that idea.


Back to our topic, “How early is to early?”   I guess that question is answered person to person and family to family.  Just because your 3 year old is not ready to use a mouse and my 2 year old is, who are we to question this?  The important part is that we are always keeping in our mind how to be safe with our children and families on line.  The same way will be if are when we are in person in public.  This will keep our young ones safe while using the internet.  One of the main ways we have kept my oldest son safe is if the internet program says they have to be 13 or even 16 then we follow that rule.  There is no messing round w/ birthdates in this house.  That means my oldest will not have a facebook account till his 13th birthday. His friends might have one but he will not. Our kids are growing up so fast that why should I speed it up.


Coming up we will go over some internet safety for all ages! Here is a great article that to help you until then…

Internet Kid Safety

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