How Involved?

How involved are you in what your children do on line?
Do you check their history on their computer?
Do you check the history on the You Tube account?
Does your teen know how to delete the history?


If you had a hard time answering these questions then YOU need to be more involved with what your child is doing on line.

I have a friend who thought her son was this innocent boy, who was a good boy and would never look at things that he was not supposed to online.  To be honest he wasn’t purposefully looking at things he was not supposed to but when you do searches on line or even You Tube if you put in the wrong word it can bring up the WRONG information or video.  My friend only knew this was happening because she sat down at the computer after him one day and hit the back button and found a not so friendly You Tube video.  All by mistake on his part.


It is our job as parents to make sure that our children are protected from things like that.   If our child is looking for word play games then we need to be there and make sure they are finding them and not some not so nice sites. Internet safety for kids is our should be our top priority.

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