How is Homeschooling going?

How is our homeschool year going, you ask? Well we seem to be in a groove with my son, not so much with my daughter.  My son is liking his schedule of getting up doing his online science program and his online social studies program.  He gets both of those programs done before I ever get up and get moving.  Once that is done together we move on to Bible, Math and Writing together.  He then does daily reading to end his school day.

He follows a lesson plan notebook that I have written out for him.  This can take a lot of my time, and sometimes I think that an umbrella school to tell me what to assign would be better, but then I am reminded of the old saying “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” Even though it takes more of my time it works for my son and he is the one that matters.

Our system looks like this..

As he fills in the date on the item he finished if there is a score he fills that in too. If for some reason, dentist appointment, that he misses something he can go back and see what is left open with out a date and then do it and fill in the date he did it on along with the score if there is one.

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