It’s Called “Reading”

How many of us can relate to this little comic? Have we entered an age where books may become obsolete? I heard the other day that there are schools who are requiring their students to each have an iPad. I think it is wonderful that schools are embracing technology. However, it makes me a little sad to think that so many kids may grow up without having ever experienced the pleasure of getting “lost” in a great book! I guess I’m still old-fashioned in this respect. While I love the ease and affordability of reading books on an e-reader, there is just something about holding and reading a real book.

I know there are holdouts on purchasing e-readers for this very reason. They love the feeling of turning actual pages. They love the smell of books and the memories that come along with it.

What about you? Would you be sad to see books become obsolete? Do you think this is even possible? Or do you think it would be the greatest thing ever if all books could be converted to e-books?

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