June Learning Fun


No matter if you are a public school family or a homeschool family, you probably want your kiddos to still get in a little bit of learning over the summer, right?

A fun way to do that is stick with themes. For instance, June is National Zoo and Aquarium Month. So why not have them do some fun little things, all about zoos and aquariums?

Here are some great links for June learning fun:

A zoo spelling list over at VocabularySpellingCity – You can use this list to play any of the free learning games they have on the site, but you can also use it to try out any of the premium activities too!

Some animal and nature learning games over at Learning Games for Kids – All of these games are totally free!

An awesome owl unit study that was shared over at Secular Homeschool.

Please chime in, in the comments below, to share some of YOUR June learning fun favorites! 🙂

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