Keeping Your Kids Brain Awake During Summer

How do you keep your kids brain’s awake during summer?  I mean really if you stop school in June and do not pick up ANY educational items till August/September how would you EVER expect to keep your kids brain awake.  In today’s world it is so easy to add simple ways to keep your kids brain awake and alert.


One way would be have your child read over the summer.  Most public schools offer a reading list.  If you homeschool, you are welcome to check out that reading list also.  I know in our area the Barns n Nobel have these books set a side. So they are easy to find in their book store.


Another way is to play games on line.  I bet your kids would have a ball playing oxymoron games or what about US State games. There are all kinds of on line games out there to help.


One last way to help your kids brain stay awake during summer is to have then journal daily.  Encourage them to journal daily about what they are doing each day during the summer.  Encourage them to be aware of their punctuation and spelling.    You could even have them journal on the computer in a word doc.  This would give them typing practice too.

These are just a few ideas on how to keep your kids brain awake during summer vacation.  Do you have any ideas? Please share if you do.

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