miBook! Ok, before you think I’m just being selfish, this is a gadget that my hubby brought home for us. Just when I’m thinking that I’m starting to get a handle on all the different technology that’s out there, another one pops up that I’ve not heard of!


I’m pretty sure that this is not new in the gadget world. What exactly is a miBook anyway?? Well, this thing is a reader, much like a Kindle. However, this works with memory cards (purchased separately) that come pre-loaded with information about just about every subject you can think of. Not just pictures and information but also videos of how to do things such as make a pizza or how to install a light switch!


Ok, so from what I can tell, this is a gadget that must not have really taken. I went to their site and basically all you can do is e-mail someone about your player or fill out a form to get repairs or parts. What a shame! There is a little card that came with our player informing us of a miBook club where we are supposed to be able to get free and discounted titles.


My father-in-law actually gave us this gadget, which he bartered for, from the guy who owns the shop next to his. It came with several different titles. I’m thinking that we can still go online and find other titles that we can use for homeschool enrichment.


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