For some parents/teachers, their curricula doesn’t multi-task well. Math is math. Science is science, and so on. But for some of us, we need the programs and materials we use to be able to be used across multiple subjects. Here are some examples of how we cover more than one subject at a time:

Incorporate reading into math. Even though we probably all hate those math word problems, lol, they do help with reading comprehension.

We fuse art lessons with history lessons (learning about period pieces and how artists and the materials they used differ than those today).

Using words from our current homeschool social studies lesson to practice word study and vocabulary building skills.

While we use spelling lists from a variety of sources, some of our favorites are actually the geography lists over at! We learn about local geography (states and state capitals), but we also learn about other countries. All the while, we are working on our spelling!

I’ve shared a few of the ways that WE multi-task/multi-subject. Now, won’t you please share some of YOUR ways?

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