Oh No Momma is sick!

What do you do when the Momma is sick?

I know that is a loaded question.  Depending on how many kids you have and what their ages are, right? As I type this post I, the Momma, do not feel very good.  Chilled and ache is what I feel right now.  Don’t really have the energy to blog.  I will share with you some great game sites you can send your child to when you are sick and they still need to have something educational in their little brains!!!


Vocabulary Games Online website is fun for all kinds of Language Arts games.

Learning Games For Kids is a site for kids that has a little of everything. From health, art,science, geography and so much more.


Well I am going to let my kids play some games on the computer now.  I hope your kids enjoy these game sites as much as my kids do.

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