Online Tutoring

I’m in desperate need of math tutors for my kids. The problem is that we really can’t afford to pay for tutors. Thank goodness for websites like Kahn Academy! Even our homeschool tester recommended Kahn Academy.

While that is great for when you get stuck on a specific issue, we need something that can help us to target where the problems are so we can focus on fixing them.┬áThat’s where I’m hoping that Aleks can help. They use artificial intelligence to hone in on the problem areas. This way the student doesn’t waste time in going over concepts that they already understand and have mastered. It’s almost like having an online tutor! Oh, did I forget to mention that all of this can be accessed from any computer? You can get reports on how your student is progressing. They specialize in helping kids in 3rd through 12th grade.

If you are looking for a way to help a child who has math anxiety, then check out www.time4learning. They have lessons that make learning math fun. They have even found a way to include a way for kids to manipulate items for better understanding of math concepts. This is a great way for a visual learner to tackle math! This is also available online from any computer. Time4learning keeps track of each lesson your child does and the scores they make on each quiz. They even have courses for gifted children.


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