Paper Dragons

My youngest son, RoboBoy, has a passion for origami. He’s very good at it too. I did not teach him this craft. He found a book on our shelf one day and was intrigued by it so he decided to pursue it more. This is where technology comes in! He was able to find videos on Youtube which he followed and learned the basics of paper folding. Now he has several patterns that he can do from memory. He continues to learn origami from the internet and even has a couple of favorite designers.

This has been a wonderful activity for my son who is on the Autism Spectrum. It has opened doors for him to be more social with others. One day we were at the library and he had brought his origami kit with him. While we were there the kids from the local elementary school started streaming in for their ‘after school’ activities. Several of the boys came over to see what RoboBoy was making. Before we knew it, RoboBoy was teaching an impromptu origami class! His “students” were greatly impressed by his knowledge and appreciated his willingness to share with them. RoboBoy felt special and like he ‘fit in’ for maybe one of the first times in his young life.


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