Parenting with Digital Educational Programs

My kids have been spending a lot of time recently on VocabularySpellingCity doing advanced educational materials that help them with fluency on sight words and phonics on the other words.  They have several sets of learning activities:

Spelling games: spelling test, word unscramble, hangmouse

Vocabulary games: crossword, which word, and WordFind

Writing Activities:  sentence writing practice and paragraph writing practice

Language arts games: There are a set of activities such as hand writing practice and identifying the parts of speech.

Phonics and phonological skill building activities: This includes the Silly Bulls, Sound it Out, Initial and Ending Sounds, which Sound speller.

And of course there are activities for each of these grade levels:

2nd Grade Word Study

3rd Grade Word Study

4th Grade Word Study

5th Grade Word Study


On a completely different note but still within digital programs, I’d like to find or build a STEM program that teachers using bicycles.  Any ideas anyone?

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