Portfolio’s – Does your state insist on them?

In the state that I live in (FL) we have to keep a homeschool portfolio.

This consist of 3 major things things:


Sample of Work

Book List

Each one is an easy and pretty self explanatory.  Log would be your lesson plan book or your child’s lesson plan book. Sample of work is just that samples of your child’s work from beginning, middle and end of the school year. The book list is just that a list of books you have used and read through out the year. Simple right?

I have seen people keep neat notebook, scrapbooks even a box with everything thrown in.  Portfolios are not scary, they take just a little extra work that is all. Remember this is not just a portfolio for your state but it is a memory of your child’s school year.

The best way to share what is needed for this portfolio is shared in this great video my friend made. (I tried to post the video on this blog but for some reason it will not let me, so click on the link. )

Homeschool Record Keeping

What does your state say you have to have?  Do you have to keep a portfolio? Do you have to attendance records? Please leave a comment and share how you follow what your state laws ask you to do.

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